Eva da Diva

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Eva ‘DaDiva’ Ebele na chirpy on-air personality wey dem born for Lagos state to igbo family and dem hail from Ikwerre in Rivers state.

She attend her secondary education for Lagos and study Linguistics for Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma.
Diva as dem dey fondly call her get amazing personality wey you go fall in love with at di first glance. She get melodious voice wey dey keep her listeners glue for dia radio sets.

Eva start broadcasting since 2011, she take break from radio to do oda things but find her way back to her first love for 2015 and then join Correct FM in 2018 where she work as news presenter.

She dey call herself a coded comedian; dis beauty fit crack your ribs with laughter. She dey bold, Skillful, talented and versatile. Now, She dey host di radio shows: ‘CORRECT WOMAN and AWA VISITOR on Correct FM.

Diva start to host her own radio show and her blend wit her natural humor, love of most things wey bi showbiz, passion for music and strong African entertainment knowledge make her show one of the most sought after –by all her listeners and celebrities alike.



Agency Correct FM Lagos

Phone @_radiodiva

Email sales@correct.fm

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